Top 15 finish for Ourednicek and Kripal

Everything’s ready for the big show: Tomas Ourednicek and David Kripal finished their last major race of the season, the gruelling Rallye OiLibya Maroc in a strong 15th position overall and 4th in category T1.1. The six-day rally was not a walk in the park for the Czech crew of South Racing Central Europe but both they and their Ford Ranger Dakar lived up to the challenge.

“This was a long and very difficult rally, with the strongest field I’ve ever competed in apart from the Dakar and we climbed the hardest dunes I’ve ever seen, so basically we are happy with finishing the race and also with the result. This event was full of ups and downs for us, but we knew well before the start that it would not be easy. Altogether, we gained important experience about all parts of our Dakar package, we know what we need to check and improve to be fully prepared for January,” Tomas Ourednicek summarised the race.

Now the Ford Ranger Dakar of South Racing Central Europe goes under thorough checks and repairs to be prepared for the 40th anniversary edition of Dakar Rally where Tomas Ourednicek and David Kripal starts with the support of LIQUI MOLY, MANN-FILTER, Ford Hlouch Motors, AV Media, XT line, Agados, Fri Tech, ULTIMATE EVENTS, Glenowell, Pneu Kafka, MusicData, Dvořák Trucks and Gold Nutrition. 

South Racing CE’s photo gallery:

Videos about the race:


  1. Nasser Al-Attiyah – Matthieu Baumel (Toyota) 10:39:34
  2. Sebastien Loeb – Daniel Elena (Peugeot) +00:07:55
  3. Nani Roma – Alex Haro (Mini) +00:24:45
  4. Jakub Przygonski – Tom Colsoul (Mini) +00:29:38
  5. Vladimir Vasilyev – Konstantin Zhiltsov (Mini) +00:43:25
  6. Aron Domzala – Maciej Marton (Toyota) +00:56:34
  7. Mikko Hirvonen – Andreas Schulz (Mini) +01:06:13
  8. Bryce Menzies – Pete Mortensen (Mini) +01:10:52
  9. Orlando Terranova – Ronnie Graue (Mini) +01:27:03
  10. Carlos Sainz – Lucas Cruz (Peugeot) +01:28:02
  11. Boris Garafulic – Filipe Palmeiro (Mini) +01:29:33
  12. Bernhard Ten Brinke – Stephane Prevot (Toyota) +01:37:38
  13. Mathieu Serradori – Fabian Lurquin (LCR 30) +01:53:31
  14. Remy Vauthier – Jean Brucy (MD Buggy) +02:08:04
  15. Tomas Ourednicek – David Kripal (Ford Ranger Dakar) +03:12:14
  16. Eugenio Amos – Sebastien Delauny (Ford) +03:24:04
  17. Hernan Garces – Juan Pablo Latrach (Ford Ranger Dakar) +03:30:25
  18. Alejandro Martins – Manuel Dias Porem (Toyota) +03:35:16
  19. Sergei Karyakin – Anton Vlasik (Polaris) +03:58:35
  20. Yasir Seaidan – Laurent Lichtleuchter (Toyota) +04:19:38
  21. Maik Willems – Robert Van Pelt (Toyota) +04:21:56
  22. Jes Munk – Rafal Marton (Toyota) +04:35:03
  23. Isidre Esteve Pujol – Jose Maria Villalobos +04:39: 06
  24. Jürgen Schröder – Daniel Schröder (Nissan) +05:16:55
  25. Jose Luis Pena Campo – Juan Martinez Garcia (Polaris) +05:24:02
  26. He Zhitao – Zhao Kai (Toyota) +05:25:55
  27. Maurice Benoit – Frederique Dubois (MD Buggy) +06:16:51
  28. Arthur Dechelette – Nicolas Dechelette (Polaris) +07:45:48
  29. Francis Balocchi – Franck Maldonado (Sodicars) +08:58:21
  30. Joel Labille – Renaud Niveau (Polaris) +09:55:51
  31. Robert Szustkowski – Jaroslaw Kazberuk (Ford) +11:23:00
  32. Nicolas Falloux – Antonia De Roissard (Toyota) +12:29:27
  33. Lucas Corvaja – Yann Doffin (Toyota) +12:38:25
  34. Claude Fournier – Herve Lavergne (Polaris) +38:12:28
  35. Ronan Chabot – Gilles Pillot (Toyota) +96:58:09
  36. Martin Prokop – Jan Tomanek (Ford) +98:48:36
  37. Adel Abdulla – Nasser Alkuwari (Nissan) +103:55:31


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