Welcome to the city of ‘Mudejar’ art, the Lovers and the vivacious ‘Vaquilla’ (Little cow) celebrations. Teruel has a clear medieval taste which can be notices while you are walking down the streets and discovering its artistic legacy.

The outstanding towers, the fabulous polychrome ceiling, and the cathedral’s dome are the top expressions of Mudejar art in Spain. If you raise your eyes you can see the beautiful towers of El Salvador, San Martín and San Pedro, in charge of guiding you in your visit to the old part. These are, along with the tower, the dome and the ceiling in the Cathedral, the great samples of Mudejar art in Teruel. One, World Heritage, good practice of coexistence among cultures.

Just in medieval Teruel the tragic romance between Diego de Marcilla e Isabel de Segura took place, known as The Lovers from Teruel. Their remains rest in peace in the Lovers Mausoleum, next to St. Peter’s church. Every February, Teruel inhabitants take their medieval suits out of their wardrobes to recreate Isabel’s Wedding. A popular celebration that will take you back to Teruel in the 13th century.

Another good time to come over Teruel are their funny Vaquilla celebrations, taking place in July. Your visit will become unforgettable if you taste the rich cuisine. The top menu? Cured ham from Teruel, a Protected Designation of Origin…like no other!

But not everything is medieval. Magnificent examples of Modernist architecture can be admired at Torico Square, meeting point in town. The beautiful stairs in the Óvalo Promenade are from the same age, in Neo-Mudejar style.

If you are travelling with kids, Dinópolis is a must destination. The largest paleontological park in Europe, located in the outskirts of Teruel city. Here, you are going to step back in time to discover how the most extraordinary living beings lived in our planet. Real size samples will blow you away and, moreover, your children will enjoy different activities provided along this facility, the main but not the only one. Another nearby villages, like Riodeva and Galve, offer a visit to the amazing world of dinosaurs.

Credit: Miguel Angel Moya Perona

Credit: Pedro Sanz

Credit: Angel Santos




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