Visit the magnificient "Mangystau" province

Anyone who has ever had a chance to explore Mangystau Province, unanimously confirms that this peninsula with its breathtaking landscapes is very unique. It has its own special energy, most landscapes seem to be intended for shooting space movies with aliens and other planets. 5 million years ago, this place was hidden in the depths of the ancient ocean of Tethys, the waters of which created such bizarre cliffs and caves of beautiful colors. You must come here at least for a week in order to have time to see all the sights of the province.


The main attractions of Mangystau province you will never forget:

Chalky mountains of Bozjyra (also spelled as Boszhira) are two sharp peaks, from the base of which you can admire the quaint castle wall. Source: Picture from an open source

The ‘Valley of Balls’ – a valley covered with huge spherical rock formations striking by their unearthly appearance.

Other locations worth considering are the Mount Sherkala - snow-white rock, which changes its appearance, if you go around it; Kapamsay Canyon, where you can see a real workshop, where tools during the Stone Age era were made; Jygylgan - ‘the fallen ground, etc.

Historical and power places:

  • The jewels of Mangystau are the underground mosques - Beket Ata, Shakpak AtaShopan AtaSultan Epe and others, which attract many believers and travelers all over Kazakhstan and the world.

Do not be afraid of the lack of ideal roads to many sights, hot weather, the need to walk several kilometers and staying in camps in steppes - all these are the traveler’s daily life and they pay off in full for unforgettable impressions that Mangystau leaves in the heart of every traveler.




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